About - Oh Look

About Lance and Pam Odeneal

We settled our little family in Gulf Shores in 2002 and have stayed in love with the area all this time. We provided part time portrait services (mainly to our school families and friends) under the business name "Oh Look! Photography" starting in 2008.

Over time, we really found enjoyment in taking "portraits" of homes for sale, vacation properties, interiors, exteriors, etc.  Interiors photography, when professionally lit and done correctly, is quite different than portrait photography and we loved the challenge that each new property presented.

Now, life has given us a new challenge and we have once again changed our course.   It's a good course but it's not with photography.  We are leaving some of our pictures here on this site to view every so often or to point people to when they say "didn't you use to do photography?".  

Who knows... maybe we will add to them one day.

What is life without variety and change?  :)

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